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marc portraitMeet Marc Vooges, Managing Director of Sympany, a textile recycling social enterprise. I met Marc at the ReBlend launch party. Shortly afterwards, I visited him at Sympany’s recycling center and offices in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Here’s what Marc had to say about textile waste, recycling and innovation.

Environmental impact of textiles
Xinjiang-cotton-production-336x239My focus for a sustainable future is entirely related to the environmental impact of textiles. Crops like cotton require huge amounts of water and nearly all farmers use large amounts of pesticides. In the production process, more water is used, as well as (dangerous) chemicals to treat and color the fabrics. With a growing world population, the negative environmental impact of the textile industry will continue to grow as well. To avoid scarcity of water and textile crops, we simply have to find better ways to take care of these natural resources….. to read the full blog article

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