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Due diligence requirements for Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) content in garments

[VIDEO] OECD side session 2022

25 February 2022 Sympany and Ffact gave an online side session at the OECD.


European countries prepare for EPR systems for post consumer textiles. One of the targets will be the upgrading of the recycling quality to supply for Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) content in new garments. The recycling process takes place in a collection and recycling chain. This chain can be stretched over several countries. Along with improved quality also social standards have to be maintained and certified during this recycling process. One of the standards that may be applied is SA8000 for Social Accountability. Sympany is preparing for this standard for the recycling in India of European collected post consumer textiles. One of the questions is if this standard matches with the due diligence standard of OECD, because at the end of the recycling process the produced yarn with recycled content has to supply the manufacturing of new garments. In an introduction Sympany and FFact can demonstrate the need for a discussion on the standard that has to be applied from their experience during a project that is now running for already 4 years.


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